Ese Box

Ese Box

UPDATE: This item is available for Presale and will begin to ship 3/15/19.
Item:4 Step Foot Facial System

The Ese Box collection is foot confidence in a box and was created to truly transform your feet! Now you can bring home a luxurious foot spa experience and enjoy beautifully soft whenever you desire from the comfort of your home. This kit contains all four (4) full sized products beautifully packaged in a branded Purgasm Shop box. Please note that CBD oil is a key ingredient in the Sole Balm (Step 4) of the foot spa collection. For more information on CBD oil, check out these FAQS.

Why and How it Works

The four (4) products in the box are used in a relaxing four step process to soften, hydrate, detoxify, and remove callouses from the feet. In addition, the euphoric blend of adaptogens (natural stress relievers) and CBD oil help to promote feelings of calm and relaxation and pain relief for tired and achy feet.

 What is "Ese" Box?

The letters stand for Experiencing Sole Ecstasy, the word "ese" is the Yoruba word for feet, and the full sized collection of four (4) products comes in a beautifully packaged and branded Purgasm Shop box.

 What to Expect

After the first use, feet are intensely hydrated, smoother, noticeably softer, and have significantly less callouses. Your skin will also maintain a natural radiant glow. 

Cruelty Free and Free of

·  Parabens

·  Phthalates

·  Sulfates (Note: Magnesium Sulfate is not a surfactant sulfate, but a naturally occuring crystolline compound known as Epsom Salt)

·  Petrochemicals

·  Ethoxylated Ingredients

·  Mineral Oil

·  Fillers

·  Synthetic Colors

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